clomid side effects

For parenteral administration, the systemic circulation misses about 90% of the drug when administered intranasally bioavailability also is not less than 90%. The maximum concentration clomid side effects in the systemic circulation is achieved in 5 minutes after its parenteral administration. Absorption: When applying intranasal absorption occurs with the nasal mucous membranes. For parenteral administration the absorption of the drug occurs at the site of injection.

Metabolism: Preparation of 70% is metabolized in the liver. The distribution: maximum concentration in organs and tissues is achieved within 15 minutes after administration. In bone marrow and liver greater than that in the blood of 9.5 and 3.45 times respectively. The plasma concentration above 1.5 times, that is, the drug accumulates predominantly in the plasma, not the elements of blood. Derivation: For parenteral and intranasal administration excretion comes with urine (55- 59%) and the feces (13 – 19%). The half-life is about 14 hours. The drug clomid side effects is completely eliminated within 24 hours and does not accumulate in the body.

Indications for use : clomid side effects is used in adults and children 2 years of age, is used both in monotherapy and in treatment and prevention of recurrence of a variety of autoimmune diseases:

  • Chronic recurrent dermatoses: (psoriasis, pemphigus, atopic dermatitis, eczema, symptomatic treatment of T-cell lymphoma of the skin);
  • Autoimmune connective tissue disease: (rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune connective tissue diseases rheumatoid secondary lymph background syndrome and other tumors.) autoimmune hemolytic anemia, idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, di- and trehrostkovye cytopenias, including – for secondary background lymphocytic lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The treatment regimen is adjusted individually. :
  • in cytostatic chemotherapy and radiation therapy for the protection and preservation of stem cells and accelerate the exit from granulocytopenia;
  • for the prevention of graft rejection in transplantation of organs and tissues;
  • bone marrow transplant to prevent graft rejection.Contraindications : Contraindications to the use of the drug is pregnancy, lactation, uncontrolled hypertension, infectious and viral diseases in the acute phase, the drug idiosyncrasy.

    Dosage and administration : Chronic recurrent dermatoses Psoriasis clomid side effectsis administered intramuscularly, 1-2 ml of the solution on a daily basis for 7-10 days, then 2 days break and re-7-10-day administration cycle. Depending on the clinical situation can be carried out from 3 to 5 cycles. Repeated cycles can be carried out up to 5 times. Intranasal administered primarily as maintenance therapy and prevention of relapse, as well as in the treatment of children. The drug is administered by nasal drops 2.1 ml into each nostril for 10-14 days. In patients clomiphene citrate bodybuilding with generalized erythroderma psoriasis administered intramuscularly in 2 ml daily for 14 days followed by 14 days intranasally with simultaneous addition of glucocorticoid hormones in medium doses (40-60 mg of prednisolone).

  • Atopic dermatitis is administered intramuscularly, 1-2 ml of the solution on a daily basis for 7-14 days, the treatment may be extended after a 2-day break. Duration of the course and the number of defined clinical and morphological features of the disease. Intranasal drug prescribed mainly as a maintenance therapy and prevention of relapse or treatment of children.Children appoint 1-2 ml nasal drops in each nostril for 7 days followed by 2 days rest and repeated 7-day course. Eczema clomid side effects is administered intramuscularly, 1-2 ml of solution every day for 10 days, then 2- 5 days – a break, and again repeat the 10-day administration cycle. Intranasal drug prescribed mainly as a maintenance therapy and prevention of relapse or treatment of children. Children appoint 1-2 ml nasal drops in each nostril for 10 days, followed by 2-5 days rest and repeated 10-day course. T-cell lymphoma of the skin of the drug in this disease is administered intramuscularly to 2 ml daily three 7- day course with 5 -. day intervals against the backdrop of moderate doses of corticosteroids (30-40 mg of prednisolone) pemphigus drug is used in a variety of species in the complex treatment of pemphigus with corticosteroids.